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Newsletter 2022-12-14: Community-building and Celebration

I cannot stop eating peanuts from the tütje bag the children distributed at the HMC Annual Christmas Banquet! Thank you for the treat and to everyone who made the evening memorable. Thank you for the card of appreciation and the gift inside.

The Annual Christmas Banquet is a great tradition at HMC. There is something for everyone, from the youngest to most mature. It truly felt like a birthday party for Jesus! The decorations were festive. The food was delicious. I enjoyed the choir, the solos by Joy and Luke, and all of us singing Christmas songs. I was glad for the stories that put the children up front and engaged them in various ways. In the words of one of the storytellers at the gathering, “It was to the moon and back!”

It was good to experience the evening with you all. I am glad that a few folks were able to join us via Zoom. I especially appreciated the way everyone pitched in to set things up and clean up afterward. It was a time of community-building and celebration. Well done!

Speaking of community-building, please take time to complete the most recent survey asking for your responses about the overall life and ministries of Houston Mennonite Church. Your responses will help shape the future of the church. I pray that God’s Spirit will guide us as we reflect individually and together on where God is leading HMC.

Lee Lever, Transitional Pastor Houston Mennonite Church

Find details for each event on our ChurchTrac Connect


  • Dec 15 - Zoom Hangout from 7-9 PM (ID: 8625 4149 307)

  • Dec 18 - Fourth Sunday of Advent

    • 10:00am Service

      • We will gather for worship to sing, pray, hear scripture, light candles and encourage each other.

      • Bill Cork will be preaching: “Do Not Be Afraid”

    • Second Hour

      • Adults: meet in the sanctuary for a discussion on pacifism

        • The Mennonite church is an historic peace church along with the Quakers and Church of the Brethren. How do we practice nonviolence in a culture that pulls us in a different direction?

      • Children: Esther will lead, but support is welcome!

  • Dec 25 - Christmas Day (Sunday)

    • Pancake breakfast at the church beginning at 9:30am followed by a time of worship with the theme “Sing for Joy”

      • Join us for a relaxed and enjoyable pancake breakfast on Christmas morning at 9:30 AM. We'll be serving pancakes (including GF options), sausage, eggs, fruit, and a variety of beverages.

      • You can RSVP on our Facebook page or on ChurcTrac.

      • If you have an electric griddle or a crock pot that you can lend us for this event, please contact David C. See you there!

    • There will NOT be Second Hour activities

  • Jan 1, New Year’s Day

    • 10am Worship and Second Hour

    • Rebecca Voran will be preaching

  • Jan 21, FMSC Mobile Food Packing

    • Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is a Christian non-profit organization that provides food to children around the world. Clarke and David have been involved with this organization since 2015, and have helped pack thousands of meals. You are invited to join us on Saturday, January 21, 2023, from 3-5 PM at Pines Presbyterian Church for FMSC's Mobile Pack event. This is a great volunteer opportunity for families with kids over 5.

    • Interested? RSVP on ChurchTrac or contact David C. or Clarke O. (we can join you into our party)

Child Care Helper Needed

We are working to fill the Sunday morning paid child care position at HMC but we need a child care person on Sunday mornings until a person is in place. If you would like to sign up for a Sunday or two please contact Pastor Lee Lever or Administrative Assistant Clarke Ohlendorf. Thanks for helping out!

Care & Community

The purpose of this survey is to receive feedback from people attending Houston Mennonite Church (HMC) about the programs, ministries, and well-being of HMC. Your responses can help us us clarify a vision, set goals, and develop church ministries.

Volunteer Schedule

Spiritual Formation & News

Subscriptions to "Anabaptist World" are currently 50% off (click here for discount). There is a copy at the church below the mailboxes for anyone to read, but it is nice to have your own copy at home to keep up with what is going on in the wider Mennonite community.

During Advent, we prepare for the birth of Jesus. But as many a child has pointed out, Jesus has already been born. Advent is a practice of the “inbetween.” This year’s theme, developed for Leader magazine, makes that “in-between” concrete by inviting us into the process of restoration. Jesus has come and brought about restoration! And…we live in a world in need of restoration. Restoration has seasons of intense work and of maintenance mode. It’s active. It requires something of us. It’s transformative. And, in our understanding, it is inspired and guided by Divine Creativity. During this year’s Advent and Christmas seasons, we invite you to join in God’s work of restoration, discovered ultimately in the infant Christ.

Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) is an organization that helps people rebuild after a disaster. The strength of MDS is its volunteer base which includes a range of Anabaptist/Mennonite constituencies, and the generosity of those who support the good work of MDS. When MDS enters a disaster situation they intentionally partner with other agencies and they typically focus on households with fewer resources than others. Learn more…


Go Electronic: ​​Give online by clicking here or the button below. Mail Checks to our building at : Houston Mennonite Church Attn: Treasurer 1231 Wirt Road Houston, TX 77055-6852

Houston Mennonite Staff

Pastor (Transitional): Lee Lever 512-230-9470 (text first)

Administrative Assistant: Clarke Ohlendorf 281-783-9070 (text & voicemail)

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