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where to find us- in person

and on-line

  • YouTube Live Worship Sundays at 10am.
  • Podcasts can be found here.
  • Facebook page can be found here

We’re a diverse community that embraces all people.

Everyone is welcome and we hope that everyone would feel at home with us. Come as you are!

location and directions

Houston Mennonite Church meets at
1231 Wirt Road
Houston, TX 77055


Coming from the east and west:

  1. We are just north of I-10 by a half-mile and just west of the 610 Loop by two miles.

  2. Take the Wirt/Voss Road exit off I-10.

  3. Travel north on Wirt Road about half a mile. Our driveway entrance is to the north of the building, so you will pass the building before you turn.

Coming from the north:

  1. Take the Bingle Road exit off 290 and head south for several miles. In order, the major roads you will cross will be 43rd, Hempstead, Kempwood, Hammerly, and Long Point.

  2. Turn left on the next road, Westview.

  3. Travel east on Westview for about a mile to the second light.

  4. Turn right onto Wirt Road at this light and find our building a half-mile past Westview on the right.

From within the Spring Branch area of Houston:

  1. Travel east or west on Kempwood, Hammerly, Long Point or Westview until you get to Wirt Road, which runs parallel between Bingle on the west and Antoine to the east.

  2. Travel south on Wirt Road (past Hammerly, Long Point, and Westview). We are half a mile south of Westview on the west side of the street.


parking & entrances

Parking is mostly to the west of our building (so, behind it as you view it from Wirt Road). 

If you're visiting on a Sunday or for another event, park near the main entrance, which is also on the side of the building facing away from the street. Look for the covered walkway (see pic on this page). The main entrance is wheelchair accessible.

If you're visiting the pastor, park towards the southern end of the building. Look for the entrance on the south side; it's sign-posted. If you use the southern entrance, the pastor's office is to your right, down a short corridor. Look for the posted signs.

Designated guest parking is immediately to the left of the main entrance (so, the north side) and handicapped parking is immediately to the right of the main entrance (so, to the south side), with additional handicapped parking by the south entrance.

inside the building

Once inside, you will walk into our common space, a large open area for mingling and chatting. The kitchen is in the far right corner, as you walk in from the main entrance. Coffee and tea are set up Sunday mornings (and we might even fire up the popcorn machine, so grab a bowl and take it with you!). We welcome food and drink in our sanctuary—while we do our utmost to care for our space, we believe in LIVING in it.

The sanctuary has two doors, both to the left as you walk in from the main entrance. Classrooms, meeting space, and the pastor's office are all down the corridor to your right.

Houston Mennonite has fully accessible bathrooms including one that may be used by all people, along with families.


Read more about what to expect if you visit us on a Sunday morning.

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HMC floorplan layout with room labels v2
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