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protocols for covid-19: worshiping together

For those who want to gather we will follow these In-Person Guidelines for Sunday Gatherings:


  • Masks are optional for vaccinated adults. 

  • If you’re feeling unwell, we expect that you will stay home.

  • Fans and HVAC systems will be on throughout our gathering.

  • Programming for children has been resumed. 

  • We encourage everyone to consider your unique situation and to make responsible choices to stay safe and well.

We know that some of our households will continue to feel more comfortable at home. If that's true for you, we'll continue to offer Zoom live streaming, just like we have since Spring 2020.


If you're ready to gather but haven’t been vaccinated here is a useful link to help you locate a site near you.

pandemic animals - Aware Fox 500x591.jpg
pandemic animals - calm turtle 500x594.j

Images from "What to Do in a Pandemic - Our Cousins Know," by Ricardo Levins Morales. 

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