response to covid-19: loving our neighbors

Dear church family and beloved guests,

All HMC in-person gatherings are suspended until further notice. We will follow the guidance of experts on when it is safe to resume meeting together. 

But what the pandemic doesn’t know is that we’re still family, and no amount of social or geographical distancing can change that. We’ve never needed a building to be who we are at our best: a community. 


So take care of one another! Check in with people at HMC who live alone, are especially vulnerable, or who you think might struggle emotionally with social isolation. Find creative ways to connect with someone at HMC in a healthy way: cards, calls, or online chats. 

Be well.
Be the church.
Be in touch.

Pastor Marty

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Images from "What to Do in a Pandemic - Our Cousins Know," by Ricardo Levins Morales.