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Second hour classes end at 12:15 and will start 10 minutes after worship.

Shortly after we finish worship, we start "Second Hour", with choices for adults and children. We mark the beginning of Second Hour with the ringing of a bell.

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For adults: Each Second Hour session goes for approximately one hour and facilitation is shared among different people depending on the topic or series.


Look below to find information about facilitators, schedule, and location.


current adult second hour topics:


Emotionally Healthy Spiritually  

Is there a way to live a relaxed, unhurried, contented life amidst the pressures and difficulties of life? In this class we’ll talk about what keeps us spiritual infants and take time to practice spiritual disciplines that can help us grow. If you want a book, check this out. 

Each session is stand-alone. Attend once, drop in and out week by week, or come to all - you don't need to have been part of the earlier sessions to attend the later ones. No registration required.

Meets in: Pastor's Office

Facilitator: Pastor Marty

Start date: March 1

See full schedule below.

Wheat Field

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