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Re/Claiming Scripture:
Grown-up talk about a book that can help you grow

When we think of scripture with cynicism or sentimentality, it’s understandable to not want to think of scripture at all. Neither of those is interesting, let alone helpful. So what if there is another way (hint: we think there is!) to engage the Bible with both heart and mind?


Join us, as we claim or reclaim scripture in a faithful, complicated, critical, committed, relevant, life-giving and for some of us a new way. We’re going to journey through the Hebrew Scriptures with some modern tools, asking questions like, “Wait a second, did that really happen?” “Rape? Yep. War? Uh-huh. Misogyny? Come on! So that’s why Christians are the way they are?” and “How does my perspective distort and reveal what was the author’s original intent?” 

Why grown-up?  Asking hard questions, embracing doubts, and digging into complexity can unearth profound richness in our faith. We should never be afraid of the truth. Besides, if people of faith don’t teach adults differently than children (“Look, mom, a boat full of cuddly animals!”) what are we playing at?

Why this book? Because it’s a fascinating, colorful library of books written across centuries. It’s like no other book ever written, and equally intriguing - it’s exactly like other books that have been written. It’s ancient, ambiguous, and diverse, all of which begs for care-full interpretation. It also gives our pastor Marty Troyer an excuse to nerd out on a topic he loves!

Why growth? Growth is at the very core of the gospel’s promise, and at the very heart of human longing. I know you. I know your faith and kindness and your love of God. And I know your eagerness for a spirituality that can inspire just and peaceful action.

Why Scripture? Because it’s a place to start in our search for God. Why start from scratch when we can eavesdrop on amazing Jewish dialogues with and about God? Their wisdom, faith, and leadership are as relevant to us as they were when they shaped Jesus to be the man he became. 

Bring your questions, Bibles, and friends for a grown-up conversation about a book that can help you grow.

Pastor Marty

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