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the gospel next door

The Gospel Next Door: Following Jesus Right Where You Are is Pastor Marty Troyer's first book. With stories from his own city of Houston, Texas, Pastor Marty introduces a theology of place that empowers us to truly see the work of God where we live, work, and play.

As Christians, we pray for God’s kingdom to come “on earth as it in heaven.” But what does that even mean? Would we recognize God’s kingdom if it moved in next door?

Learn to see God’s work in your neighborhood, city, and the world—and learn how to join it. The Gospel Next Door unpacks the gospel through the lenses of following Jesus, making peace, and overcoming injustice.


Those seeking to connect more deeply with the world that God so loved will find compelling stories and practical ideas for healing brokenness and imagining new life. Start living out the kingdom of God here and now.

You can buy a copy of The Gospel Next Door on Amazon, at Herald Press (where you can also download a free chapter), or in person at Houston Mennonite on a Sunday morning. If you choose the third option, Pastor Marty might even sign it for you! There's also a free study guide available.

Read more about Pastor Marty Troyer here.

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