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why a "peace sale"?

“Relief Sales” are a Mennonite tradition across Canada and the United States, with annual sales at fair grounds from Pennsylvania to Kansas drawing crowds in the thousands. Staple activities at those multi-day sales usually include a live auction of quilts, woodworking, and sometimes farm implements; there’s almost always a dizzying array of baked goods, often served with homemade ice cream; and Quilters’ Corners or craft supply stalls keep local crafters and quilters supplied with patterns, materials, and inspiration into the next year.

The traditional name, "Relief Sale", comes from the whole point of these sales - to raise money for Mennonite Central Committee and their peace-making and relief efforts around the world.

In Houston, our sale is smaller, and we’ve added an urban spin to the traditional Relief Sale. Known as the "Texas Mennonite Sale and Auction for World Relief" for its first 28 years, and renamed the "Mennonite Sale for World Peace" for the 29th event in 2018, the aim is to keep some of the unique flair of the traditional sales while adding new elements for a city audience. We updated the name because "world peace" seems to be a more widely recognizable idea than "world relief", even though they essentially mean the same thing.


Plan to come along and see what you think!

Why should I come?

There isn't anything else like this in Houston! Where else will you find homemade quilts and other crafts, tables full of baked goods like quinoa bread and shoo-fly pie, artisan crafts from around the world via Ten Thousand Villages, and a live auction of one-of-a-kind items?


Plus, with every purchase you know you're supporting the peace-making and justice efforts of Mennonite Central Committee, and RAICES. Rather than helping to buy our church building a new carpet, the proceeds of the sale will support projects like sending kids to school, digging wells, and helping immigrant families right here in Texas.

How can I find out more?

Please consider joining our Three Email List (just three emails a year, and that's a promise!) for updates about the Peace Sale. And if you like our Facebook page, you'll see updates about goods for sale, and as we confirm them, new activities and events that will be part of the day.

A detailed schedule, along with a full list of activities and items for sale, can be found on the main Peace Sale page.

I've come to the sale before but it looks different than I remember...

You are correct! We tried some new things in 2018, including an updated name, a return to our original location at Houston Mennonite Church, and a shift in start time; the updates were overwhelmingly successful and most have stuck around for 2019.  

Our goals continues to be to keep the core elements of the sale that people know and love, while adding in some new activities for young people and families. There's still a live auction, with quilts and other craft items; we're planning bigger and better craft selections and baked goods; and Ten Thousand Villages is returning.


 Please like us on Facebook for all the updates as we get them.

Mark your calendar: Saturday, November 9, 2019, 12pm - 5pm

We so much hope to see you at the Mennonite Sale for World Peace!

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