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this week's letter: "declaring our faith"

Item added November 14, 2019

Dear friends,


“You’re the pastor of the church with the sign and the Facebook page!”

Yep, proudly I am that pastor. This particular exclamation was from a local leader in the Muslim community. She’d seen our sign then tracked us through Facebook. For her, our public witness is spreading good news about God and encouragement for all people of faith. That appreciation has come to us regularly over the last months. People who attended The Sale, drivers-by, Facebook commenters all express their appreciation.

People are hungry and searching for religion. And while we Mennonites tend to prioritize demonstrating our faith, it’s clear people are hungry for us to declare our faith with equal vigor. 

Paul captures the beauty of Jesus’ message with his usual exuberance in Romans 1, saying, “I am not ashamed of the good news about Christ.” And neither should we be ashamed to be a peace church! Let’s spread the word far and wide about the healing God is bringing into our lives. And with equal joy, let’s spread the word that the shape of God’s love in the world is social justice.

Through our social media presence and road-sign, we work hard to boldly and creatively be a mouthpiece for God. Our Facebook page has an impact equal to area mega-churches and larger than Mennonite media. We’ve had posts reach over 800,000 people and articles be shared hundreds and hundreds of times. Sometimes Kathryn, Roxie, and I just scratch our heads in wonder. I tell you this not to brag, but to encourage you. Don’t be ashamed! You’re not alone!

People want to know there's a different way to be a Christian. From the beginning of the page (and installation of the road-sign), it's been a central goal to express our values of peace-making, social justice, and love for others. This takes many forms - images, article links, links back to our website, current events, Bible verses, and even silly religious jokes like this one to remind people faith isn’t all serious. We also mark special days and months with informative posts about MLK day, or like this month, Native American Heritage Month.

These messages are your messages, shared with joy to our neighbors. Kathryn Bauchelle has been our ridiculously fabulous webmaster. A huge Thank You to her being so committed to helping people grow in faith!

To God be the glory,

Pastor Marty Troyer

thank you for another great sale

Item added November 14, 2019

Another successful Sale - thanks to YOU!
You baked; you sewed; you smiled at guests; you bought something beautiful from Ten Thousand Villages. You invited friends; you ate pie; you rolled five million peppernuts; you bid on a quilt. You prayed for the success of the event and for our guests. You joined with your church family to glorify Jesus and to provide for people he loves – immigrants; refugees; girls trying to go to school; families searching for peace and safety. Thank you. To God be the glory!

Please help us one final time:
We want to hear from you. We have some big decisions ahead about our Sale and we want to hear from as many voices as possible. Please complete this quick survey - apart from your name, all questions are optional! - and tell us what you're thinking.

Rest assured that this won't be the last time we ask for your input, but it would help so much to gather some information from you now, while last weekend's event is still fresh in your mind, which will help as we plan further discussions. Thank you to those who have already completed the survey!

thanksgiving meal in a bag

Item added November 14, 2019

Please remember to bring your grocery bag this Sunday filled with the food items requested by the East Spring Branch Food Pantry for their Thanksgiving food drive.

Together with other churches in our area, we will help to provide a Thanksgiving meal for many of our neighbors, probably about 1,000 families.  If you didn't get a bag at church and still want to participate in this effort, please check out this summary which tells you everything you need to know.  

Many thanks to everyone for your support of this important project!

new topics for adult groups in second hour

Item added November 14, 2019

TWO new choices for adults start in Second Hour this Sunday!

#1: The Fruit of the Spirit

Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. All of us desire to exhibit these spiritual qualities in our lives. But what does it mean to “live by the Spirit”? How much is up to us, and how much depends on God? In this study, we’ll learn better how to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in our lives and grow in Christ-like character.

Location: Library

Facilitator: David Cooper

#2: The Two Questions

We will be offering this popular discussion for the remainder of the year. This is an informal, relaxed way to get to know your HMC family better.

Location: Pastor's Office

Facilitator: Various 

Find details, including the schedule with dates, topics, and facilitators, on the Second Hour page.

sanctuary works cards for sale

Item added October 31, 2019

Emma Membreño is a Honduran immigrant who learned to paint while spending 21 months in Sanctuary at the Albuquerque Friends’ Meeting from 2017-18. Emma’s charming paintings - often depicting flowers, birds, moonlit skies and landscapes - have been converted into popular greeting cards, “Paintings for Peace.”


Sanctuary Works celebrates not only the works created by Emma in Sanctuary, but also the process of Sanctuary as an avenue for undocumented individuals to pursue legal status in the United States. In that sense, Sanctuary truly works!

Proceeds from card sales go to support Emma’s immigration process. Further information is available at:

family bowling

Item added October 24, 2019

Please join HMC families for bowling!

Saturday, November 16, from 4pm
Del Mar Lanes, Mangum Road
Kids newborn through teenager (plus parents) welcome. Younger ones can just hang out or can bowl with bumpers.
We'll reserve the lanes for 1 game unless you let us know that you want more. The bowling alley has food so you can eat as you like.
Please RSVP so we can book the lanes, but come even if you forget to RSVP! Talk to Lauren H to RVSP directly or with any questions (find her contact info in the Directory).

peace club is back at HMC!

Item added October 10, 2019

Peace Club meets once a month at the Houston Mennonite Church building. Ages 5 - 18 are invited to participate. Bring your friends and join the fun!

Sunday, November 17, 5pm - 7pm

Theme: Gratitude

Sunday, December 15, 5pm - 7pm
Sunday, January 12, 5pm - 7pm

You are invited by Judy Hoffhien and Claude Jager-Rubinson.

holiday gatherings & community

Item updated November 13, 2019

We hope you'll mark your calendar for these fun events, especially for those who call Houston Mennonite home. 

Annual Christmas Banquet & Concert: Sunday, December 8, 5:30pm

Annual Christmas potluck brunch: Sunday, December 22, 9am

strength and grace in numbers

Important info

Thank you for your contributions to our shared life. We rely on one another and it's beautiful!

Use the links below to check the upcoming rosters.
If you're scheduled for a day that no longer works for you, please arrange a switch with someone else on the schedule, and email the updated information to  Thank you!

Current November volunteer roster.

potluck fellowship meals

Regular event

Potluck Fellowship Meals take place on the fourth Sunday of every month (with a few exceptions - see below). It's a great opportunity to hang out and enjoy some community with your church family.

Please bring something to share - dishes that work for those with food restrictions are particularly welcome! These include: Gluten-free, and FODMAP-friendly (need some recipe suggestions for that last one? start here...).

Upcoming dates:

December 22 (Christmas brunch, 9am)

Sunday, January 26 (also includes Congregational Annual Meeting, part 2)

Sunday, February 23

Sunday, March 22

Exceptions to the "every fourth Sunday" pattern:
We celebrate Easter Sunday with a potluck brunch, and skip our regular fellowship meal that month. The summer pool party is our potluck meal for whichever month it takes place. We also skip the meal in November and December due to Thanksgiving and Christmas busyness - but there are many other celebrations to take their place, including our our Christmas Banquet in early December, and our Christmas Brunch on the morning of the Sunday before Christmas.

let's eat together: lunch after church

Regular event

Once a month, we go out together for lunch to a local restaurant. Come join us! We'll leave the building after Second Hour gets done and make our way to this month's venue.

Coming up (dates subject to change):

​Sunday, January 12

Sunday, February 9

Sunday, March 8

potluck supper + games nights

Regular event

Once a month, we gather for games. Come to the HMC building any time from 6pm; we'll eat a potluck supper together at around 6:30pm, and start the games from around 7pm. Bring a game or two or just show up and see what's on the table!

Kid-friendly; there are usually 3 - 5 games going at any one time, and range from simple through to all-evening strategy sessions. If games aren't your thing, bring a craft with you, or just come for the conversation. This is a casual and fun event, and friends and family are welcome.

Coming up (dates subject to change):

Friday, November 15

Friday, December 13


Friday, January 17

Friday, February 14

Friday, March 13

work party + grounds upkeep

Regular event

Our building isn't brand new any more, but still looks amazing! That's thanks in part to our dedicated volunteers who come to work days. We have indoor tasks as well as outdoor ones, so come along on any of these Saturdays, any time between 9 am and noon, to help keep our building and grounds beautiful:

Saturday, December 7


Saturday, February 1

Saturday, April 4

If you've noticed something that needs repair, cleaning, or other attention, please talk to Rebecque Demark, who serves on the Stewardship Team and coordinates our work days.

hmc council & leadership

Important information

At Houston Mennonite Church, the leadership team is referred to as the church “council.” They meet regularly, make decisions, and discern how to strengthen the identity, vision, and people of HMC. They also do a lot of ministry tasks.


HMC is organized around five core ministries. Each ministry is led by a council member to help that ministry come alive in your life. Our five core ministries are (with the team name in bold):

1. Care for all our people;
2. Discipleship opportunities for kids and adults;
3. Outreach to the community in word and action,
4. Worship on Sunday mornings; and
5. Stewardship of property and finances.

The members of your council include:

Linda Washburn, Elizabeth Melendez and Kathryn Bauchelle on Care;

David Cooper on Discipleship with Lauren Hall as Children’s Ministry Coordinator;

Roxie Voran on Outreach; and

Dave Bauchelle on Stewardship.

Margaret Gehman and Rebecca Voran plan our worship, but do not currently serve on Council.


On Sunday mornings check out Council name tags; they’re a bit different so you can find them when needed. Contact any Council member if you have questions or concerns regarding anything at HMC.


Each Sunday, one council member takes on the role of Church Host to answer any questions you have and to be in charge during emergencies. They come early, leave late, and hang out in the Common Space during worship. Look for their name on the roster and in your bulletin.​

safety in our building

Important information

Your church leaders work to stay current on best practices for evacuations and other emergencies so that everyone can be safe in our building.


Here are some things to know about the HMC building:

  • There are four exits: Main, Sanctuary, Patio, and South.

  • There is a fire alarm pull station by each exit.

  • Our assembly point is to the north, by the labyrinth, and is marked with a sign.

  • We have a defibrillator in the common space (by the door to the sound closet), and a first aid kit in the kitchen (look for the red label).

  • There are fire extinguishers in the kitchen and common space, with a third by the south entrance.


More information is available in the building on wall signage and elsewhere. We want EVERYONE to be safe in our building at all times and knowledge is power! We hope to never need that knowledge, but are glad to have it just in case.

food pantry support

Important information

Each month the East Spring Branch Food Pantry provides assistance to 400 - 500 families within several ZIP codes in the area of our church.  One in six children in the Houston area lives in a family that is food insecure.  


Please show your support of the food pantry with donations of food. You can also donate cash via their website.

kroger community rewards

Important information

Kroger is committed to helping our communities grow and prosper. Year after year, local schools, churches and other nonprofit organizations will earn millions of dollars through Kroger Community Rewards.  Kroger Community Rewards makes fund-raising easy... all you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card!  


If you would like to participate, please do the following:

1.  Go to the Kroger Community Rewards page and log into your Kroger account (or create an account if you don't already have one).

2.  Select an organization to link to your Kroger Rewards Card.  We are listed as HOUSTON MENNONITE CHURCH and our organization number is SV723.

Houston Mennonite will receive a percentage of the money you spend.  In 2018 we received $130.

Thank you for your participation!

join the conversation on facebook

Important information

Find us on Facebook for thought-provoking articles, art, prayer, discussion, and more!

Houston Mennonite Church has a public page, which you can find here:

For regular attendees, we have a closed Facebook group, HMC Community. You can find it here. On your first visit, you'll need to request to join the group. After that, you can post and reply freely.


NOTE: The HMC Facebook group is JUST for current members of the HMC community, so that people can post and discuss with some privacy. Requests from others to join the group will not be approved. Thank you for understanding! We welcome everyone to join us on our public page.

mennonite church news

Important information

Stay in touch with news from the wider Mennonite world!

MC USA = Mennonite Church USA
Mennonite Church USA is one of about 40 different Mennonite groups in the United States. While we share a common faith ancestry with these groups, we may vary in the way we dress, worship, and relate to the world. 

WDC = Western District Conference
Western District Conference is a regional grouping of congregations in the Mennonite Church USA denomination. WDC is composed of congregations located in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. 

Blogs from Mennonite Church USA.

News from Mennonite Church USA.

Stories from Western District Conference.


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