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We are in the process of revitalizing this page.  We apologize for the gap in up-to-date information. 

Please check back for more soon!

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this week's letter: "let's do this together, friends"

Item added March 19, 2020

Let’s do this together, friends. 

Things that are inspiring me lately? Music friends share with me. My kids' art projects. Our leaders who are so actively serving you. Seeing your smiles on Zoom Wednesday night. Ancient words from people trying to make sense of faith in difficult times. Meditation. People, so many people doing all kinds of compassionate acts. People who know what they believe and stand up against bad faith. People who get out of bed every day with chronic illness. People, like you.


Here's something else that is inspiring me this week: The numbers just keep getting worse. Covid-19 is here in force and deserves our best attention and intention. I'm inspired to serve you knowing that some of us may get sick, all of us will know someone who does, and everyone is feeling the strain. And that's why I say, Let’s do this together, friends.


There is a spirit that connects us no matter the distance. It can break down our pride and nudge us to act in the simplest, most human ways. It whispers to us we are not alone and calls us to fight for those in need. God has wired us together; we’re in each other's DNA. That's why the image of the earthrise is so inspiring for me. From the Moon 238,000 miles away our blue planet has no borders. We are one, we are together, we are a people; one connected humanity. We are, as a church, family.


God too is closer to us than our own skin. Weeping with us when we cry. Feeling the pain of others. Finding the oddest reasons to smile. Sharing, loving, and rooting for us. I hear in my heart God’s voice saying to me this week as I plan, Let’s do this together, friends.


Be well.

Be the church.

Be in touch.


Pastor Marty Troyer

sunday worship online

Item added March 19, 2020

Here’s the link to our next 10am Sunday worship

Save it to your browser and you’ll be ready to go before the coffee’s done brewing. It’ll be on our website & FB pages this weekend also, and in a weekend email. You can also call in on your phone by dialing 1-346-248-7799 and if prompted enter this Meeting ID: 862 888 1214


This should be a one-click experience for you to watch our worship service. On your laptop it may ask if you want to download the Zoom app, which you should not need to do (look below the invitation to download the app, and find “If you cannot download or run the application, join from your browser” and click on the link). Text Dave B. or Clarke Sunday morning if you need help.

online worship
free delivery

Item added March 19, 2020

For the elders among us and those the CDC has listed as vulnerable, Please stay home, we can shop and deliver what you need directly to you. We have quite a few volunteers willing to shop for you and drop it off at your front door. Our people will be trained to leave packages on porches with zero interaction, and follow other suggested guidelines by health officials.


An alternative: if you prefer, the church will pay whatever the costs of delivery are for the service of your choice. But be aware that many grocery delivery services are running behind, some by more than a week.


Vulnerable people include folks with these underlying health conditions, hypertension (high blood pressure), Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Chronic respiratory disease (such as lung disease or asthma), obesity, or Cancer. If you have one of these, or another compromising health condition, you should be hyper-vigilant to stay home and self-distance.

We are eager to help. For your sake, and everyone's. Contact Pastor Marty and the Care Team at

2019-01-20 12.51.07-1.jpg
volunteering at home and on the road

Item added March 19, 2020

If you want to volunteer to help our HMC members with deliveries, do volunteer work from the safety of your home, or volunteer out in the community click here for our HMC Covid-19 Volunteer form.

Kids Play
at home kids formation resources

Item added March 19, 2020

Our Children’s Ministry team encourages families and those who are kids at heart to download this great free resource to do at home this week. Faith Formation Resources for the 3rd Sunday of Lent.

kids at home
Kids Painting
calling all young artists

Item added March 19, 2020

Hey kiddos, people at church miss seeing you and seeing your artwork. Want to draw, paint, or create something for others to see? We’d love to share that with the church! You can draw what you look like playing on the playground, an interesting Bible story, or show us what you think about when you think “church.” Parents, the topic can be anything. Scan it and email it to or snap a pic.

We’ll share these on an upcoming Sunday worship.

young artists
potluck fellowship meals

Regular event

Potluck Fellowship Meals take place on the fourth Sunday of every month (with a few exceptions - see below). It's a great opportunity to hang out and enjoy some community with your church family.

Please bring something to share - dishes that work for those with food restrictions are particularly welcome! These include: Gluten-free, and FODMAP-friendly (need some recipe suggestions for that last one? start here...).

Upcoming dates:

Sunday, April 12 (Easter Sunday potluck brunch)

Sunday, May 24

Sunday, June 28

Sunday, July 26

Sunday, August 23

Sunday, September 27

Sunday, October 25

Sunday, December 20 (Christmas potluck brunch)

Exceptions to the "every fourth Sunday" pattern:
We celebrate Easter Sunday with a potluck brunch, and skip our regular fellowship meal that month. The summer pool party is our potluck meal for whichever month it takes place. We also skip the meal in November and December due to Thanksgiving and Christmas busyness - but there are many other celebrations to take their place, including our our Christmas Banquet in early December, and our Christmas Brunch on the morning of the Sunday before Christmas.

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let's eat together: lunch after church

Regular event

Once a month, we go out together for lunch to a local restaurant. Come join us! We'll leave the building after Second Hour gets done and make our way to this month's venue.

Coming up (dates subject to change; we'll update here if that happens):

Sunday, April 19

Sunday, May 3

Sunday, June 14

Sunday, July 12

Sunday, August 9

Sunday, September 13

Sunday, October 11

Sunday, November 8

2018-08-17 20.07.09 v3a 4x7.jpg
potluck supper + games nights

Regular event

Once a month, we gather for games. Come to the HMC building any time from 6pm; we'll eat a potluck supper together at around 6:30pm, and start the games from around 7pm. Bring a game or two or just show up and see what's on the table!

Kid-friendly; there are usually 3 - 5 games going at any one time, and range from simple through to all-evening strategy sessions. If games aren't your thing, bring a craft with you, or just come for the conversation. This is a casual and fun event, and friends and family are welcome.

Coming up (dates subject to change; we'll update here if that happens):

Friday, May 15

Friday, June 19

Friday, July 17

Friday, August 14

Friday, September 18

Friday, October 16

Friday, November 6

Friday, December 18

work party
work day.jpg
work party + grounds upkeep

Regular event

Our building isn't brand new any more, but still looks amazing! That's thanks in part to our dedicated volunteers who come to work days. We have indoor tasks as well as outdoor ones, so come along on any of these Saturdays, any time between 9 am and noon, to help keep our building and grounds beautiful:


Upcoming dates (subject to change; we'll update here if that happens)

Saturday, June 6

Saturday, July 11

Saturday, August 8

Saturday, October 3

Saturday, December 12

If you've noticed something that needs repair, cleaning, or other attention, please talk to Rebecque Demark, who serves on the Stewardship Team and coordinates our work days.

creator space

Regular event

Creator Space is an opportunity to get together and be creative in ANY way that's fun for you. The emphasis is on the process and not the product - learn new skills from one another; practice skills we already have; and be artistic and creative together. Cook, bake, do calligraphy, sew, make a lego creation - the sky's the limit! How do you want to be creative?

Drop in at any time between noon and 4pm. Bring lunch if you like, or just dive straight into your project. Plan to be self-sufficient! Bring all the equipment, tools, and other supplies you'll need for your activity as everyone will be doing their own thing. If you'd like to learn from someone else or work in a group, please arrange that ahead of time. 

Kids are welcome, with a parent or other caregiver. No childcare will be provided.


Upcoming dates (subject to change; we'll update here if that happens)

Saturday, April 25

Saturday, June 13

Saturday, July 25

Saturday, September 5

Saturday, October 24

We hope to see you!

peace club logo 300x291.png
peace club

Regular event

Peace Club is a fabulous initiative of Houston Peace and Justice Center and meets once a month at the HMC building. Peace Club's goals are to teach concepts of peace, equality, and justice;  encourage the development of self-esteem and critical thinking skills; encourage respect for the environment and each other; introduce peaceful conflict management skills and alternatives to competition and violence; provide an opportunity for children of diverse backgrounds to create comfortable relationships.

We're pleased to host Peace Club once a month, usually on the second Sunday of the month, starting at 5pm.

Upcoming dates (subject to change; we'll update here if that happens)

Sunday, April 12

Sunday, May 10

Sunday, June 14

peace club
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hmc council & leadership

Important information

At Houston Mennonite Church, the leadership team is referred to as the church “council.” They meet regularly, make decisions, and discern how to strengthen the identity, vision, and people of HMC. They also do a lot of ministry tasks.


HMC is organized around five core ministries. Each ministry is led by a council member to help that ministry come alive in your life. Our five core ministries are (with the team name in bold):

1. Care for all our people;
2. Discipleship opportunities for kids and adults;
3. Outreach to the community in word and action,
4. Worship on Sunday mornings; and
5. Stewardship of property and finances.

The members of your council include:

Care Team: Linda Washburn, LaTayna Purnell, Elizabeth Melendez.

Discipleship Adult Ministries: David Cooper.

Children’s Ministry Coordinator: Lauren Hall.

Outreach: Nathan White.

Stewardship, Facilities, Finances: Mitch Miller.

Treasurer: Emily Voran.

Worship: Rebecca Voran.

Volunteer Coordinator: Kate Cross.

Thrive Liaison: Rebecque Demark.


On Sunday mornings check out Council name tags; they’re a bit different so you can find them when needed. Contact any Council member if you have questions or concerns regarding anything at HMC.


Each Sunday, one council member takes on the role of Church Host to answer any questions you have and to be in charge during emergencies. They come early, leave late, and hang out in the Common Space during worship. Look for their name on the roster and in your bulletin.​

safety in our building

Important information

Your church leaders work to stay current on best practices for evacuations and other emergencies so that everyone can be safe in our building.


Here are some things to know about the HMC building:

  • There are four exits: Main, Sanctuary, Patio, and South.

  • There is a fire alarm pull station by each exit.

  • Our assembly point is to the north, by the labyrinth, and is marked with a sign.

  • We have a defibrillator in the common space (by the door to the sound closet), and a first aid kit in the kitchen (look for the red label).

  • There are fire extinguishers in the kitchen and common space, with a third by the south entrance.


More information is available in the building on wall signage and elsewhere. We want EVERYONE to be safe in our building at all times and knowledge is power! We hope to never need that knowledge, but are glad to have it just in case.

East Spring Branch Food Pantry logo.jpg
food pantry support

Important information

Each month the East Spring Branch Food Pantry provides assistance to 400 - 500 families within several ZIP codes in the area of our church.  One in six children in the Houston area lives in a family that is food insecure.  


Please show your support of the food pantry with donations of food. You can also donate cash via their website.

kroger community rewards

Important information

Kroger is committed to helping our communities grow and prosper. Year after year, local schools, churches and other nonprofit organizations will earn millions of dollars through Kroger Community Rewards.  Kroger Community Rewards makes fund-raising easy... all you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card!  


If you would like to participate, please do the following:

1.  Go to the Kroger Community Rewards page and log into your Kroger account (or create an account if you don't already have one).

2.  Select an organization to link to your Kroger Rewards Card.  We are listed as HOUSTON MENNONITE CHURCH and our organization number is SV723.

Houston Mennonite will receive a percentage of the money you spend.  In 2018 we received $130.

Thank you for your participation!

join the conversation on facebook

Important information

Find us on Facebook for thought-provoking articles, art, prayer, discussion, and more!

Houston Mennonite Church has a public page, which you can find here:

For regular attendees, we have a closed Facebook group, HMC Community. You can find it here. On your first visit, you'll need to request to join the group. After that, you can post and reply freely.


NOTE: The HMC Facebook group is JUST for current members of the HMC community, so that people can post and discuss with some privacy. Requests from others to join the group will not be approved. Thank you for understanding! We welcome everyone to join us on our public page.

mennonite church news

Important information

Stay in touch with news from the wider Mennonite world!

MC USA = Mennonite Church USA
Mennonite Church USA is one of about 40 different Mennonite groups in the United States. While we share a common faith ancestry with these groups, we may vary in the way we dress, worship, and relate to the world. 

WDC = Western District Conference
Western District Conference is a regional grouping of congregations in the Mennonite Church USA denomination. WDC is composed of congregations located in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. 

Blogs from Mennonite Church USA.

News from Mennonite Church USA.

Stories from Western District Conference.

Mennonite news
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