working toward zero waste

Item added July 25, 2019

Did you know?

27,000 trees are cut down EVERY DAY just to supply us with toilet paper.

And it's imperative that we keep trees in the ground; they may be one of our best solutions to the climate crisis.
At Houston Mennonite, we're working towards zero waste. All our paper products - toilet paper, paper towel, tissues, napkins, printer paper - are made from recycled paper. And we encourage you to minimize the use of paper altogether, and use cleaning cloths and dishcloths wherever possible. You can find both in the drawers of the kitchen island. Everything is laundered regularly so you know it's clean!  
We also have reusable boxes available in the kitchen any time you need them for leftovers, and of course you know where our recycling bins are. Please read the labels before putting anything into recycling and if in doubt - throw it in the trash. Contamination of recycling loads can cause the whole load to go to landfill.
And remember - do what you can, when you can! None of us can do this perfectly, and that's OK. "We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly." Thank you for your efforts, and we'll keep improving together!

saving the planet one lunchbox at a time

Item added June 6, 2019

The HMC kitchen now has reusable plastic containers in a variety of sizes.  Return the containers next week, if you remember, or continue to reuse them at home.  


Just another way HMC is trying to help each other be environmentally friendlier.  See Linda Washburn (Care Team) if you have any questions.

thanks for wearing your name tag

Item added June 6, 2019

Thank you for wearing your HMC name tag on Sunday mornings!  


Wearing one makes HMC a more welcoming place for guests, and can be helpful for everyone.  Guests are now invited to have stick-on name tags too.  


Your name tag can be found on the hooks near the door to the offices, just outside the common space. Please develop the habit of wearing it every week!


Contact Administrative Assistant Janine at if you don't have a name tag and would like one. 

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june is pride month

June is Pride Month, and we wrap our arms around our LGBTQ+ members in joy and celebration. How we love you! We can't imagine our community without you and the richness you bring to our lives together.


Thank you for helping to make us, US!! You help make Houston Mennonite complete.

Read our inclusivity statement in full.

2. Spiritual Inquiry & Worship Sharing


A time of quiet reflection and discussion based on Quaker traditions.

Meets in: Pastor's Office

Facilitators: Claude & Katharine Jager-Rubinson

Last day: Ongoing

Attend once, drop in and out, or come to all - you don't need to have been part of the earlier sessions to attend the later ones. No registration required.

children's sunday school volunteers needed

Item added Apr 25, 2019

Our congregation has recently been blessed with an abundance of children. One of our responsibilities as their family of faith is to help raise them up in the ways of Christ.


This is done in part through Children's Sunday School, which occurs during Second Hour. We currently have two classes, one for children 6 - 9 (Children's class), and one for children 10 - 14 (Junior Youth class).

We need additional volunteers to help teach these classes. If you have a heart for working with children, here is your opportunity to make a difference in a really meaningful and potentially life-changing way.


The curriculum for the classes has already been set up, so your main task is to show up and teach. Qualifications include having regular attendance for at least 6 months, and passing a standard background check.


If you are interested, please contact David Cooper or Lauren Hall and we will work on getting you set up. Thanks!

creator space: saturday, may 11

Item added May 2, 2019

Our next Creator Space will be on Saturday, May 11. Come along to the HMC building any time between noon and 4pm (bring your lunch if you want) and be creative!

In previous sessions, we've had people doing calligraphy, beading, embroidery, weaving, card-making, glass-etching, and more. The kitchen's available if your creativity is the edible sort, or you can set up at a table in the common space.

Bring all the equipment and materials you'll need for your activity; this is a do-your-own-thing event. Kids are welcome, but no childcare is provided so make sure they have a craft to do too! 

faith communities keeping children and youth safe

Dove's Nest is an organization devoted empowering and equipping faith communities to keep children and youth safe in their homes, churches, and communities. Houston Mennonite Church joins them in these goals, and uses the Safe Sanctuaries guidelines for all volunteers working with children and young people at HMC.

As April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, we're featuring some resources for parents provided by Dove's Nest, including this "Parenting for Prevention" study guide.

directory updates - it's that time again

Item added Apr 4, 2019

We're making updates to the Houston Mennonite Church Directory. For privacy, the directory is only distributed to those who are listed in it.


If that's you, please check your entry and let us know ANY updates - have you moved house? Got a new cellphone number? Perhaps we have your birthday wrong, or it's never been listed? Please send any updates or changes to

If you're not yet in the directory, and you'd like to be, we'd love to include you (and when these updates are made, you'll receive a copy of the latest version). For new entries, please let us know any of the below that you're comfortable with:

  • First and last names for everyone in the family

  • Birthdays (no year needed) for everyone in the family

  • Email addresses as appropriate

  • Cell phone numbers as appropriate

  • Street address, including ZIP code

  • Wedding anniversary (no year needed) if applicable


Please send any updates or new additions by Friday, April 26. After that, our next round of updates will be in September.

Questions? Talk to Kathryn Bauchelle.

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